InterContinental Genève

Watercolour and paper-cut exhibition.

Geneva is the city where I live.

And I have painted it. I have painted a very small part of it, details and winding secrets you only notice if you look up and down. There really are infinite things to paint about Geneva. 

Even if I have lived in Geneva for a while the city can seem mysterious at times. The sound of the water falling from the Jet d’eau, the change of colours around the lake, the pavement and lights, the water reflections, sunrises, sunsets, the contrast between the lake and the mountains. 

I didn’t paint from memory. It was only by painting that I captured the essence of Geneva and engraved it in my memory.

I wanted to give COLOURS to GENEVA, and now it became a city that lives in my watercolour paintings. 

Solo Exhibition October 2020 at Hotel Intercontinental Geneva.